​​​Town of Washington, WI


La Crosse County

Town of Washington Monthly Board Meeting


Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 6:00 pm After the Board of Review is called to order and adjourned to a later date which starts at 6 pm

Place of Meeting:
Town Hall 

[*]   Call to Order
[*]   Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
[*]   Treasurer’s Report                                                           
[*]   Monthly Bills
[*]   Coon Creek Fire Commission Update
(*) Roads Update

(*) Summer Town Roads Project Approval
[*) Review Design timeline and costs options for Muenzenberger Road Bridge(s) replacement

[*]   Town Shope East Door Replacement

[*]   Eriosion Control Clarification and Responsible Party

[*]   Major Equipment Update

[*]  Leo Leis Variance

[*]   UTV/ATV Meeting Update

[*]   UTV/ATV Town of Washington Ordinance

[*]   Miscellaneous Correspondence Updates
[*]   Public Comment
[*]   Set Next Meeting Date

[*]   Adjournment